Department of Veterans Affairs

Founded in 1980 by Samuel Forcey, Ardelle is a Small Veteran-Owned business providing consulting and staffing solutions for government agencies throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area and in additional 22 states for more than 30 years.
We are currently working with nine Veteran Affairs Hospitals and Army Medical hospitals, and recently completed contracts with three more.

Asheville, NC 730-C00026

Anchorage, AK


Augusta, Maine

402-E70011, 402-E70050, 402-E70058

Boise, ID


Fairbanks, Anchorage, Alaska

(IDIQ)- 463-C75005 - 463- C75088

Iron Mountain & Hancock, Michigan

585-C70120, 585-C80034

Martinsburg, West Virginia


Nashville, TN


New Jersey


Philadelphia, PA


Richmond, Virginia

652-C70327, 652-C80149

Salem, Virginia


Washington DC

372J77014, 372J87022

Performance Examples—Two On-Going Contracts

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Veterans Affairs Hospitals—We provide administrative and accounting support to fourteen Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Centers and the VA Central Office.  The support required is accounting and general clerks in an environment where clearances and background checks are required---very similar that of the labor categories and environment required in the FAA requirement.  Because VA hosptals are needed all over the country we have had to create a recruiting process that allows to successfully recruit in remote locations such as northern Alaska where traditional methods do not work well.  Not only were we successful in transitioning the contract from a larger firm who was located in Alaska but we were highly successful in managing the account.

armyMid Atlantic CASU/U. S. Army/SDDC:  While many of the contractors working under the US Army/SDDC contract are in the DC metropolitan area (Team Infused’s headquarters), we are still required to staff and manage projects in many other areas.  This includes the recruiting, retaining, managing, and supporting efforts all over the country.  While the Army/SDDC task orders required us to hire and retain 45 existing contractors, it also required us to hire us an additional 12 personnel, many with clearances, within a 30-day time frame.  Through transition plan and recruiting methodology, we were able to recruit and hire 12 new personnel 30 days and in the next 18 months, we staffed an additional 28 contractors.

  • Experience recruiting over 40 accounting / finance and administrative projects in 3 different areas/Army Bases
  • Able to quickly recruit technical financial personnel that must already possess security clearances
  • Must be able to ramp-up and ramp-down quickly
  • Able to keep turnover rates well below the federal national average

Success Story

Recruiting Outside the Box at VA Medical Centers in Alaska
We recently had a task order for administrative support in Fairbanks Alaska. We originally won this administrative and accounting support IDIQ for Anchorage. Recruiting in Fairbanks proved to be more difficult. Recruiting by utilizing on-line job boards such as Monster was not effective. It turns out because of the slower internet connection speed in Alaska, many people did not use on-line job boards
Why were we successful?
We quickly determined that nearby was Eielson Air Force base. We knew because of the constant relocation, spouses of military personnel are often looking for work. We then determined the best publication to reach spouses of military personnel within Eielson.

The result was we were able to fulfill the task order within 3 days

Hiring the Right People—supporting medical services and medical administration contracts requires a unique level of dedication. It is the dedication and commitment we typically see through the medical and health-care community and at a special level for effort for military veterans. Ardelle knows how to find and recruit these kinds of people, typically within the military community itself. We know how to get them and we know how to keep them. 
Specialized Customer Service—Ardelle takes the time to understand and listen to our clients. Our years of experience have taught us to understand client requirements, from General Benefits Information, to Disability Compensation and Survivor Benefits; from Traumatic Injury Insurance, to Health and Well-Being programs; from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to Veterans Health Care Information. We have worked with Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, through special programs such as Vet Success. This translates into increased efficiency and help us deliver the right solution, and the right location, at the right time.
The Right Motivation—our team has the right motivation because we select individuals with the right experience. We are also a veteran-owned small business and that adds to our motivation.
We Pass the Test, Again and Again—our performance reviews place us well ahead of our competitors. Our employee retention rate is well above average (in the 95 percentile). We have never failed to deliver on a contract.
Performance-Based Management—we are an innovator in and at the cutting edge of performance-based staffing. It is driven by a written company guideline for measuring our performance, getting our employees to measure their performance, and it is based on the widely-used government Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP.) Our vision of PBM has evolved from more than 25 years of real-world experience with a history of success demonstrated by our past performance.

Some Secrets of Our Success

We have been working with the VA hospitals for more than 10 years.  Ardelle provides administrative, billing, and accounting support to 12 VA hospitals across the United States. Our accounting and billing support involves working with insurance companies to verify accuracy of patent reported insurance/Medicare benefits and eligibility as well as the auditing of invoices. Labor categories include receptionists, medical technicians, medical clerks, accounting and billing specialists, and insurance verification specialists. The incumbent we replaced in Alaska was a much larger firm who had physical presence in Alaska. While we do not have any offices in Alaska, our Quality Program Management and Quality People enable us to bring a much higher level of support to the VA hospitals.
Speeding Up the Security Process—Security clearances has become a necessary part of doing business with the Federal Government, it also can delay the completion of work by several weeks or longer, because many candidates do not fill out the forms correctly the first time. To expedite the process we trained our staff to become experts in completing the required security forms, (e.g., SF 86, SF 85 SF 85p.) They provide both verbal and written instructions to contractors, and review the returned forms same day. Our program managers are also trained on the security forms.

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