Corporate SupportCorporate Support

Ardelle establishes a separate support team for each program, project, or Task Order. This group always includes the Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, Quality Manager, and a Recruiting Manager.

Our corporate support team provides guidance and support to each program, project, or Task Order. They develop the Project Management Plan and a Recruiting Plan, and define the initial performance-based metrics in the Quality Plan, which is tailored to each task team. The efforts of the corporate support team are not charged to the Government.

Four Service Categories

The contract support team (back office) supports four types of service contracts:

  1. Administrative Services
  2. Legal Services
  3. Accounting Services
  4. Human Resources Services

Project Size—Three Groups

Ardelle groups the projects into three groups according to the scope of contract: large, medium, and small. A large project typically has an on-site project manager, or an off-site project manager supported by an on-site team lead. A small scope project or task order typically has a self-directed team lead to reduce overhead and prepare Ardelle personnel for advancement.