Capability to Provide Specialized Legal Support

Twenty-five years of support. Ardelle received only “excellent” legal past-performance reviews in providing services in seven states.

The First-Level Document Process can be Expensive

First-level document review typically equates to 58 percent to nearly 90 percent of total litigation costs. Ardelle Associates helps of Federal clients identify strategies and controls to reduce these costs. We really know the work. We learn and understand our clients’ organizations, their missions, their budgets, and we provide reliable cost efficient solutions that increases productivity.
The three main elements for our success have been:

  • Exceptional employees
  • Client-focused program managers with legal backgrounds
  • Our quality assurance program and Quality Manager

Solutions and People that Exceed Your Expectations

Department of Interiror LogoDepartment of Interior  - Class-Action Litigation Support Services: October 27, 2007 - Sept 30th, 2011
Ardelle provides support to Department of Interior attorneys in the largest class-action suit ever filed by Native Americans against the federal government—Cobell v. Salazar
Our staff records repositories around the nation to assist reviewing documents to be produced for discovery requests. The key objectives of the project are to (1) sort and inventory records, in either paper or electronic form, (2) review each document for privileged, confidential, or otherwise protected information, (3) identify each part of every document that falls within relevant privilege and/or protection and (4) safeguard records and completed review information. We also respond to discovery, a motion that includes managing and conducting a number of large and complex document productions.
Federal Housing LogoOffice of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight - Litigation Support Services: June 2006 – May 2011
Ardelle provided discovery and litigation support services through its attorneys and paralegals for trial preparation against the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac officers. With the use of electronic data retrieval systems and databases (WINSTAR) to support discovery materials Ardelle supported the federal government in appeals of banking litigation.
The key objectives were (1)sort and inventory records either in paper or electronic form, (2)review each document for privileged, confidential or otherwise protected information, (3)identify each part of every document that falls within relevant privilege and/or protection and (4) safeguard records and completed review information. We managed and conducted a number of large and complex document productions, and various researches.

Discovery/e-Discovery Services:

Document Collection Services—we will assist you in collecting the electronic and paper documents that are potentially relevant for litigation purposes. Our attorneys are experienced in the collection of potential evidence from e-mail files, hard drives, network servers and other devices.  Given the complexities of modern litigation and the wide variety of information systems on the market, electronic discovery often requires IT professionals from both the attorney's office and the parties to the litigation to communicate directly to address technology incompatibilities and agree on production formats. Failure to get expert advice from knowledgeable personnel often leads to additional time and unforeseen costs in acquiring new technology or adapting existing to accommodate the collected data.
Document Review Services—our attorneys review documents in accordance with specific evaluation and selection processes. During the entire review process, Ardelle measures productivity so that we can adjust staffing levels to optimize the document production schedules and deadlines.
Document Production Services—our attorneys produce the required documents in accordance with the established procedures and quality assurance plans.  Electronic discovery was the subject of amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, effective December 1, 2006. This involved a significant change in our methods for recruiting and retaining, support experts, even in document production.
Deposition Preparation Services—we assist in identifying documents that are relevant to deponents and to specific issues in each case. Our attorneys prepare deposition binders and update document records to track document use in the trial exhibit process.


Founded in 1980
Small Veteran-Owned business
Current and recent Federal Government Legal Contract support in seven states.
More than 29 years experience in recruiting and retaining legal support professionals

Creating Efficiencies and Delivering Results

We know the Legal Business—our program management team has more than 30 years of experience delivering quality legal services. We are currently providing discovery services to several federal agencies.
Exceptional Legal Services Recruitment Team—the success of any organization depends on the quality, depth of experience, and specialized knowledge of its people. With our experience in recruiting and retaining legal professionals Ardelle employs only the most experienced and proven people. We typically have a bench of 50-75 attorneys who have passed the Bar and are immediately available.
Customer Service—Ardelle takes the time to understand and listen to clients. Understanding our client’s special needs for legal support translates into increased efficiency and delivering the right solution. 
Excellent Past Performances—In more than 25 years of business we have received excellent legal past performances in providing services in 7 different states.
Retention Rate—Ardelle’s retention rate is well above industry averages. We provide a Special Retention Program (SRP) for the Ardelle Associates in legal services business.
Quality Assurance—Ardelle’s Quality Assurance Surveillance Program was developed to continually monitor and measure our increased client efficiency.
Performance-Based Management—Ardelle is innovator and at the cutting edge of performance-based contracting. This is especially important in providing legal support services, where requirements for accuracy and timeliness are critical to success. Our vision of PBM has evolved from 25 years of experience with a history of success demonstrated by our past performance.


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