Ardelle Associates — Small Business Quality for more than 30 years

Veteran Owned

Ardelle has been in business since 1980, is veteran-owned, and has established a history of solid, quality service to both commercial customers and the Government. We provide Consulting and Support Services for government agencies and contractors throughout the Washington metropolitan area and over 20 additional states.

We provide services in the areas of finance and accounting, legal support, and administration. We are experts in recruiting, screening, hiring, training, managing, and retaining personnel. Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of contacts. We refer only highly qualified candidates, who closely match our customer’s requirements. We work under a well-developed Ardelle Quality Management Plan (AQMP) that aligns with the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP).

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Performance-Based Management

Performance-Based Management is one the most important parts to the Ardelle Team’s Quality Control Program, which is documented in our QASP. The success of Performance-Based Management (PBM) can be allusive when applied to support services. No tangible product is necessarily created and some problems in support service do not necessarily need solving; therefore, the measurement criteria of a PBM is hard to define. We have developed and implemented a performance-based management system that is:

Measurable—You can only improve what you measure

Clear and Concise—You must keep it simple for it to work

Able to Define Success—Incentives are tied to well-defined measures of success

Flexible—“One size does not fit all” – Must be able to change as requirements change

Buy-In—From all stakeholders, including the people who do the work Able to Deliver Success