Corporate Leadership

Sam Forcey—Founded Ardelle in 1980 and is the CEO. He is responsible for the overall company management and the daily business operation. Prior to Ardelle, Mr. Forcey was an auditor and business consultant for Price Waterhouse; a Senior Financial Manager for MCI and a Division Controller for PRC. He has a Masters Degree in Accounting from Virginia Tech.

Art Forcey— Senior Vice President of Business Development. He is responsible for both Commercial and Federal Government Sales, as well as managing the relationships with our business teaming partners and the Company's business proposal team. Art worked in the Internet and Telecommunication Industries for ten years prior to joining Ardelle in 2001. He has a degree in Accounting fron Virginia Tech.

Stephanie Williams—Contoller. Performs payroll, timesheet, billing, health care administrator, and related accounting tasks. Tracks hours, generates biweekly accounting and financial reports. With the Contracts Manager (above) manages task order closeout.




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Past Performance

Ardelle Associates Past Performance Library includes more than twenty five Federal Contracts in the last ten years. <More...>