Administrative Support Specialties

Ardelle Associates has provided administrative and program management and project management support for 99 government agencies. The labor categories range from Executive Level support to Mail Room Clerks


▪ Founded in 1980

▪ Small Veteran-Owned business

▪ Current and recent Federal Government Contract support in 22 states.

▪ More than 30 years experience in recruiting and retaining professionals

Creating Efficiencies and Delivering Results

Quality Assurance—Quality Assurance Program follows QASP methodology required in many Federal solicitations

Program Management Experience—provided administrative support on more than 200 Federal contracts

Past Performances Ratings are always “EXCELLENT— 30 years of business we have received only excellent past performance reviews

Retention Rate—retention rate is well above industry averages. We have a Special Retention Program (SRP)

Performance Based Management—an innovator and at the cutting edge of performance-based staffing-something new to our industry, even though the performance-based management (PBM) concept has been around for many years.

Performance Examples—On-Going Contracts

Health and Human Services logoThe Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) MidAtlantic Cooperative Administrative Support Unit (CASU)—a national IDIQ contract providing receptionists, secretaries, executive secretaries, accounting technicians, and on-site Program Managers. This contract includes 60-70 personnel working in six states: Boston, MA; Scott AF Base, Illinois; New Jersey; New York, NY; North Carolina; Alexandria, VA; Ft. Eustis, VA; and Richmond, VA. Task Orders are anywhere from 1-80 contractors. In addition, performance-based management is required, and many positions require clearances.


Stars and Stripes LogoStars and Stripes—A daily newspaper published since 1942 for the U.S. military, DoD civilians, contractors, and their families. For six years we have been providing administrative personnel, copy editors, network administrators, and help desk technicians. Stars and Stripes works all over the world in different time zones and 24/7 support is very important. Stars and Stripes also uses our services to locate and hire their employees. In addition, twenty-five percent (25%) of our contractors are hired directly by Stars and Stripes. Administrative, editing, and writing tasks are very similar to the requirements of the Department of State, and security clearances are often required. We provide receptionists, clerks, data entry specialists, and secretaries of all levels to support Stars and Stripes division heads and help with the day-to-day operations of the agency.

dc_governmentGovernment of the District of Columbia— We provided more than 30 accountants and four Program Managers (senior accountants) in a phased 2-week start-up operation to assist DC Financial Systems in the completion and management of the conversion of its Accounts Payable, Payroll, and General Ledger systems. This 9-month, $1,000,000 contract was to ensure: all data was entered correctly into the new system, all the business rules were correct in the new system, and the new system data was maintained accurately during conversion process. Finally, we had to reconcile the new system and old system results. The transition to the new system was successful.

Ability to Manage Large IDIQ Programs

We are equipped to handle large IDIQ contracts and presently have a large IDIQ contract with the Mid Atlantic CASU. We were one of the six service support firms contracted by the Mid Atlantic CASU to provide administrative and professional support throughout the United States.  As a part of the CASU, we compete with the other five support firms for small (one to four contractors), medium (five to fifteen contractors), and large (over 45 contractors) Task Orders. Our experience with this large IDIQ program is that we support 15 to 20 Task Orders per year. These Task Orders are very similar to those described for the Department of State. They require cleared personnel resources and are geographically dispersed.

Administrative Support

SOW Labor Categories Number SOW Labor Categories Number
Accounting Clerk I thru III 110 Librarian Technician 10
Administrative Assistant 50 Media Specialist II 5
CAD Operator 1 thru IV 3 Photographer I thru V 2
Computer Operator 45 Procurement Coordinator 10
Court Reporter 3 Production Control Clerk 400
Data Entry Operator I thru II 101 Receptionist 250
Driver-Courier 4 Secretary I thru III 400
Document Preparation Clerk 50 Shipping/Receiving Clerk 60
Duplicating Machine Operator 50 Word Processor I thru III 30
General Clerk I thru III 305

Professional Support

SOW Labor Categories Number SOW Labor Categories Number
Accountant I thru III 100 Management Analyst I thru III 38
Computer Programmer I thru IV 38 Senior Financial Analyst 20
Librarian I thru IV 10 Technical Writer 28

Administrative Labor Categories

We have experienced recruiters, and can provide the capability and capacity for high quality in the following administrative labor categories:

Accounting Technician I

Accounting Technician II

Accounting Technician III

Accounting Technician IV

Administrative Assistant I

Administrative Assistant II

Administrative Assistant III

Administrative Lead (Office Manager)

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative (Senior Lead)

General Clerk I

General Clerk II

General Clerk III

General Clerk IV

Paralegal II

Paralegal III

Switchboard Operator-Receptionist

Voucher Examiner I

Word Processor I

Word Processor II

Administrative Support Categories:

  1. Administrative Support
  2. Personnel Services and Processing Support
  3. Mail Operations Support
  4. Switchboard Operations
  5. Word Processing Support
  6. Customer Service Support
  7. Payroll/Financial System Support Projects
  8. Voucher Services
  9. Claims Processing
  10. Legal Assistance Support



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