AA Temps Profile Graphic

Founded in 1980, AA Temps Inc. is a business providing staffing services and conference management  to business and nonprofits and associations throughout  the Washington metropolitan area  for 30 years. AA Temps provides solid experience supporting association and non-profit needs and conferences of all sizes.

Creating Efficiencies and Delivering Results

Quality People—The success of any organization depends on the quality and knowledge of its people.  With 30 years experience in recruiting and retaining professionals, AA Temps Inc. employs only the highest quality people.

Customer Service—AA Temps Inc. takes the time to understand and listen to clients.  Understanding client requirements translates into increased efficiency and delivering the right solution.

Quality Assurance—AA Temps Inc.’s Total Quality Assurance Program was developed to continually monitor and measure our increased client efficiency.

Experienced Program Management—Our program management team has over 40 years combined experience delivering quality services.

Excellent Past Performances—We have built a solid past performance record.

Retention Rate—AA Temps Inc.’s retention rate is above industry averages due to its Special Retention Program (SRP.)

Performance Based Consulting (PBM)—AA Temps Inc. is an innovator and at the cutting edge of performance-based staffing-something new to our industry, even though the performance-based management  concept has been around for many years.  Our vision of PBM has evolved from years of experience.




AA Temps Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)

AA Temps has developed a performance-based management plan that enables us to compete more aggressively and helps us to continue to provide high-quality services. Performance-based management is one of the foundations of our success. Our quality control policy is written in our Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP). The program is built on best business practices and quality assurance principles that we have used for many years.

Our Quality Control Program governs the way we do business by ensuring training, compliance, customer satisfaction, and problem resolution. The processes also help us recruit, train, and retain quality personnel.